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Buy Aluminum Sheet Online

Our business model is a little different than most online retailers of materials, we offer materials only in specific sizes, these sizes have been developed by over 15 years of experience selling materials to customers across the globe.

buy aluminum sheet online

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We offer standard sizes in sheet, plate, bars, rods, etc. This allows us to focus on processing the materials, reduces waste, and increases production of our employees, We have found in most cases our customers find they can purchase more material for less money than our competitors.

When we do order aluminum (extruded, sheet, plate, rod), we usually do so from Online Metals, which now has multiple distributors spread out across the US. Their 36"x48" 5052 .063" thick is $48, which comes to $4 per square foot or $4.50 per pound. They have a pretty wide variety of thicknesses, alloys, extrusions, etc. so we can almost always find what we want from them.

We stock and supply a variety of metals including alloys, aluminum, brass, bronze, carbon steel, cast iron, copper, stainless steel, tool steel, threaded rod, expanded metal, key stock, drill rod, and flat ground stock. Metal shapes include, angle, channel, T, beam, flat, hex, rounds, square bar, sheet, plate, pipe, round tube, square tube, and rectangular tube. In addition, Alro stocks stainless steel safety grating and stainless steel stair tread, perforated metal sheet, and expanded metal sheet.

We stock and supply a broad range of metals and plastics in a wide range of grades and shapes including sheet, rod, tube, angle, channel, and more. The Metals Outlet stores specialize in small and large metal and plastic orders, perfect for hobbyists, do-it-yourself (DIY) people, machine shops and maintenance departments as well as large businesses. In addition to prime stock metals, Alro Metals Outlet stocks remnants and drops at great prices. Our knowledgeable staff is able to assist with metal selection and can shear or cut metals to any size you need, while you wait.

Our diamond plate is absolutely, authentic, real commercial grade aluminumdiamond plate. The same brilliant metal found on big rigs, NASCAR, fire trucksand other astonishingly cool objects and cool places. Not to be confused withimitation stamped metal that many of our competitors use. Our real diamond platewill not rust, rot, corrode or degrade.

The secret is on the backside of the metal. The diamonds on real diamond plateare forged from solid metal and therefore are perfectly solid when viewed fromthe back. Fake diamond plate is stamped from sheet metal producing diamonds thatare hollow on the backside making the fake stuff weak, feeble and lessdesirable. Real diamond plate has a beautiful chrome like metallic luster. Thefake stuff can fake the shine but can't fake the strength of real diamond plate.They say diamonds are a girl's best friend ... but who wants hollow diamonds?

Our brushed aluminum is aircraft grade aluminum with a brushed finish applied tothe surface giving the metal a beautifully sophisticated and soft luster. Thisrefined appearance is similar to that of many stainless steel appliances foundin today's homes.

Shop for aluminum composite material sheets. Several colors, metallic finishes, and thicknesses to choose from. Fire-rated grades available. Have aluminum composite material cut and machined into fabricated parts for your application.

Aluminum composite material (ACM) is a three-layer sandwich panel consisting of two pre-painted aluminum sheets bonded to a polyethylene (PE) core. ACM panels are an excellent material for indoor or outdoor applications that require good dimensional stability, low weight, and a sleek, brilliant look.

What are common aluminum composite material applications?Aluminum composite material is widely used for indoor and outdoor signs, POP displays, exhibits and kiosks, and many more applications.

These pans are great for preparing huge quantities of baked products including cakes, cookies, and pastries because to their generous size. Due to the substance, aluminum's uniform heat dispersion guarantees flawlessly baked food every time. The lightweight design and simple cleanup of the pans are additional bonuses.

Industrial Metal Supply stocks a broad range of metal materials, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper and brass, and specialty metals. We also provide other services, including laser cutting, metal contracts, broker buying, and material management.

Industrial Metal Supply is proud to announce their new online catalog with interactive links to products. Click View Catalog to start browsing our shoppable catalog or fill out the form below to Download a PDF version of the catalog

3003 Aluminum sheet and plate offers good corrosion resistance, formability and excellent weldability which makes it suitable for several applications usually industrial applications. Other applications include

5052 Aluminum sheet and plate offers higher corrosion resistance, good weldability and excellent formability. It has greater tensile strength as compared to 3003 Aluminum. It is suitable for use in salt water and humid environments. It is considered suitable for several applications including

From keen DIYers to large complex projects, we can supply metal in small quantities and readily satisfy bulk orders. Our aim is to give you exactly what you need. The range of aluminium and stainless steel sheet, plate and extrusions is second to none and all at the most competitive prices out there. Thanks to continual investment we have just expanded our range of metal products. Aluminium Warehouse is now a brass, copper and mild steel stockist and due to popular demand, we have also increased our range with metric sized aluminium extrusions.

Our new website embraces the very latest technology, with the help of your feedback we now offer a unique metal buying experience, whether you are ordering aluminium sheet sat at your desk, cut-to-size aluminium plate on your tablet or stainless steel tube on your phone!

For over 75 years we have been supplying our great customers with high quality metal. We offer quick turnaround times for online orders and custom cut jobs for low minimums. You can also find our products in hardware, hobby, and craft stores worldwide. For product uses and guest features, please follow us on our K&S Creator's Collective YouTube channel.

*All of the figures contained on this data sheet are approximate and dependent on a number of factors, including but not limited to, machine and process parameters. The information provided is therefore not binding and not deemed to be certified

Aluminum alloy 3004 (Al-1.0 Mn-1.0 Mg) is the predominant material of choice for use in rigid beverage containers. The mechanical property requirements of the draw and iron forming operation dictate careful control of the aluminum sheet production parameters. The demand for ever lighter weight beverage containers has also continued to place increased demands on the strength requirements of the aluminum can stock. To achieve the strength requirements, the sheet must be produced in a highly cold-worked state. A practical consequence of this required level of cold work is pronounced mechanical and crystallographic anisotropy. Without careful control of can stock production parameters, pronounced rolling textures can lead to an undesirable directionality of properties that produce ears, formed during the deep drawing operation of can making, located 45 to the rolling direction. Figure 1 shows the rolling texture ears in a drawn and ironed beverage can. 041b061a72


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