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We believe that everyone has the ability to be creative, as long as they let themselves be. At The Creativity Spot, we’re committed to delivering the best experience for our customers - the best prices, the best service and the best selection. We strive to give our customers all of the options to let their creativity run wild. Start shopping our site today.

Let me introduce myself a little bit! My name is Eden, my favourite colour is pink, painting is my mess of choice, and process based art is literally my inspiration for all things! My dream is for everyone to recognize their own badass creativity through the projects I create! A little less adulting, a little more creating... that’s my motto. I have formal education in Secondary Art Education, and have a lot of experience in early art education, but hey why should the kids get to have all the fun? 

"We don't stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop play"

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