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Aktiv Qrup MMC: A Member of Nexus Automotive International and Bosch Car Service Network

Aktiv Qrup MMC: A Leading Distributor of Automotive Spare Parts in Azerbaijan


If you are looking for high-quality automotive spare parts, engine oils, batteries, testing and diagnostic equipment, or lubricants in Azerbaijan, you might have heard of Aktiv Qrup MMC. Aktiv Qrup MMC is one of the largest distributors of leading brands in the automotive aftermarket industry in Azerbaijan. It offers a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of customers and partners.

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Aktiv Qrup MMC started as a small business activity in the 90s, and gained its corporate identity as REEN in 2001. In 2005, it changed its name to Aktiv Qrup MMC and became a highly reputable company in the market. It has been striving for quality and excellence ever since, achieving new successes and milestones every year.

Some of the main brands that Aktiv Qrup MMC represents are Brembo, Denso, Bosch, ZF Group, Mahle, NGK Spark Plug, Castrol, Rolf Oil, and many more. It offers products for various segments of the automotive industry, such as passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, etc.

Achievements and Awards

Aktiv Qrup MMC has been recognized for its outstanding performance and quality by many national and international organizations. Some of its achievements and awards are:

  • In 2014, it became an official member of Nexus Automotive International, a global network of automotive aftermarket distributors.

  • In 2015, it opened its new warehouse and new headquarters in Baku.

  • In 2018, it launched the first official Bosch Car Service center in Azerbaijan.

  • In 2019, it received the Best Distributor Award from Brembo.

  • In 2020, it received the Best Partner Award from Denso.

Aktiv Qrup MMC always strives to improve its business methods and work with reliable and safe spare parts manufacturers. It follows international standards and best practices to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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