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Ezra Rogers

Where To Buy Eye Vac

The Eye Vac is an excellent addition in my new home. Two large dogs(over 50lbs. each), who shed their fur everywhere, clean up is a breeze. Living in Florida can be a real pain when it comes to the sand that gets tracked into the house, but my Eye Vac works great for that also. Recently my unit started making a loud noise, I contacted customer service through email and they contacted me back the very next day and are sending me out a new unit. Fastest response I have ever gotten from any company, and to boot they are sending me a new unit already before receiving my unit back. I am very pleased with the Eye Vac company and will definitely be recommending them to all of my family and friends.

where to buy eye vac

The wife heard about this machine at the beauty shop, where they give it an extremely heavy workout. They had it for several months with no problems. She had me get her one. Now she wants one for the other end of the house. The vac picks up all material she has put in it, makes a little noise when turned on, no more than a regular vac. Every time she uses it, I hear her say how she loves it. She also bought eye-vac for both daughters as Christmas presents.

I think from this review that this would be awesome for us. We would have it in the Kitchen where all the traffic is. We have American Eskimo dogs and they come and go from backyard via the slider in kitchen. We all enter our house from the garage which comes in at the Kitchen. Would save on so much sweeping.

This vacuum sounds very handy and I could sure use one it seems. Between my three dogs, hubby, and grandkids our floor can get really dirty quick. Dust, dander, and fur balls everywhere. The Eye-Vac Pet is just what I need.

This would be so great to have the litterbox messes! We use natural wood litter and it is so lightweight it gets tracked everywhere. I swear I can sweep and it still slips past the dust pan. This would be a great solution to get every last spec off the floor!

I have a lot of dust bunnies in my home! I would use this in my living room area first where the front door is. There is so much dust and dirt in that area that always needs vacuuming. It would be terrific for cat fur also! I am glad it has a HEPA filter too. 041b061a72


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