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Utorrent Download Error Element Not Found

Many error responses contain additional structured data meant to be read and understood by adeveloper diagnosing programming errors. For example, if you send a Content-MD5 headerwith a REST PUT request that doesn't match the digest calculated on the server, youreceive a BadDigest error. The error response also includes as detailelements the digest that the server calculated, and the digest that you told the serverto expect. During development, you can use this information to diagnose the error. Inproduction, a well-behaved program might include this information in its errorlog.

Utorrent Download Error Element Not Found

I have spent countless hours these past few days just trying to get this error from not showing up. Every torrent has encountered the same issue. Either Error: Element not found (ReadFromDisk) or Error: Element not found (Hash). I've poured over numerous forums, yahoo answers, etc for answers and have tried it all. The advanced settings, antivirus options, force rechecking, you name it. It did not use to do this before. My laptop has 200gb free in it out of 500gb, so its not that. Have ran virus/malware checks, defragmented, registry cleaner, ccleaner, everything. Other clients, have tried uttorrent, deluge and tixati. Went over to family's house, used their internet, nothing, so I know it is my laptop. Any help to fix this would be greatly appreciated, as of now I can't download anything.

I had this error with Big Sur, which occurred during installation after I had downloaded it. It happened with both the update via the system preferences, and the download. The solution was to turn off networking.

If aria2 receives "file not found" status from the remote HTTP/FTPservers NUM times without getting a single byte, then force thedownload to fail. Specify 0 to disable this option. This optionsis effective only when using HTTP/FTP servers. The number of retryattempt is counted toward --max-tries, so it should beconfigured too.

Set GID manually. aria2 identifies each download by the ID calledGID. The GID must be hex string of 16 characters, thus [0-9a-fA-F]are allowed and leading zeros must not be stripped. The GID all 0 isreserved and must not be used. The GID must be unique, otherwiseerror is reported and the download is not added. This option isuseful when restoring the sessions saved using--save-session option. If this option isnot used, new GID is generated by aria2.

Set maximum number of download result kept in memory. The downloadresults are completed/error/removed downloads. The download resultsare stored in FIFO queue and it can store at most NUM downloadresults. When queue is full and new download result is created,oldest download result is removed from the front of the queue andnew one is pushed to the back. Setting big number in this option mayresult high memory consumption after thousands ofdownloads. Specifying 0 means no download result is kept. Note thatunfinished downloads are kept in memory regardless of this optionvalue. See --keep-unfinished-download-result option.Default: 1000

Set the command to be executed after download stopped. You can overridethe command to be executed for particular download result using--on-download-complete and --on-download-error. If they arespecified, command specified in this option is not executed.See Event Hook for more details about COMMAND.Possible Values: /path/to/command

Save error/unfinished downloads to FILE on exit. You can pass thisoutput file to aria2c with --input-file option onrestart. If you like the output to be gzipped append a .gz extension tothe file name.Please note that downloads added byaria2.addTorrent() and aria2.addMetalink() RPC methodand whose meta data could not be saved as a file are not saved.Downloads removed using aria2.remove() andaria2.forceRemove() will not be saved. GID is also saved withgid, but there are some restrictions, see below.

aria2 provides options to specify arbitrary command after specific eventoccurred. Currently following options are available:--on-bt-download-complete,--on-download-pause,--on-download-complete.--on-download-start,--on-download-error,--on-download-stop.

If there were unfinished downloads. This error is only reported ifall finished downloads were successful and there were unfinisheddownloads in a queue when aria2 exited by pressing Ctrl-C by an useror sending TERM or INT signal.

This method adds a new download. uris is an array ofHTTP/FTP/SFTP/BitTorrent URIs (strings) pointing to the sameresource. If you mix URIs pointing to different resources, then thedownload may fail or be corrupted without aria2 complaining. Whenadding BitTorrent Magnet URIs, uris must have only one element andit should be BitTorrent Magnet URI. options is a struct and itsmembers are pairs of option name and value. See Optionsbelow for more details. If position is given, it must be aninteger starting from 0. The new download will be inserted atposition in the waiting queue. If position is omitted orposition is larger than the current size of the queue, the newdownload is appended to the end of the queue. This method returnsthe GID of the newly registered download.

active for currently downloading/seeding downloads.waiting for downloads in the queue; download is not started.paused for paused downloads.error for downloads that were stopped because of error.complete for stopped and completed downloads.removed for the downloads removed by user.

NLM has released the HSRPRoj data for download. HSRProj is a dataset of ongoing health services research and public health projects containing descriptions of research in progress funded by federal and private grants and contracts. The dataset consists of over 33,000 records and is in XML format. More information about HSRProj and how to download the data can be found at Download HSRProj Data. Any questions or comments can be sent to

The 2018 Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) XML files have been posted to the FTP server and are available for download. The files are located at _FILES/xmlmesh/ Complete details about the terminology changes and updates can be found on the Medical Subject Headings homepage.

We have updated the documentation defining and providing background information about the XML elements used in the current (2017) production year of PubMed. The documentation can be found at MEDLINE/PubMed XML Data Elements. Any comments, questions or comments can be directed to

Beginning with export file medline17n1172.xml with a server date of June 22, 2017 and continuing until present we have identified citation data which has erroneously excluded the element. We will fix this error during the week of July 17, 2017 and will post another message upon completion. Any questions can be directed to the Data Distribution team at or by clicking on the NLM Customer Support link (at the top of this page).

2017 Small Sample Set of MEDLINE/PubMed data is now available for use. The file can be found at: -2017-sample/. Note: this data can be used to validate the 2017 PubMed DTD (>pubmed_170101.dtd). Elements added for the 2017 DTD will not contain data. We expect to export and post a larger than normal set of records on December 6, 2016. The large export updates approximately 80,000 records to add IDs. The addition of this data will be made to the element and will receive an update on the date of export.

Due to a programming error 2017 MeSH terms were inadvertently applied to PubMed XML Update files medline16n1430.xml through medline16n1583.xml. We are currently working to revert those citations affected by this update and will issue corrected records with today's update files (starting with medline16n1584.xml). As soon as this work is complete we will validate the 2017 Small Sample set and make available for download as soon as possible. Please email us @ with questions or concerns.

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