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Buy Used Dump Truck

Dump trucks are the true work horse for many industries and are often referred to as, dumpers, dumper trucks or dump trailers. Dump trucks are typically used for hauling material over the road or around a job-site. Like a truck tractor or semi trucks, they feature a cab but also offer a hydraulic dump bed in the rear. The hydraulic pump lifts the dump trailer in the rear to dispose of its contents. Dump trucks are used to carry a variety of materials such as debris, dirt, sand, gravel and much more which makes it a perfect fit for any industry.

buy used dump truck

Since the main purpose of a dump truck is to haul various types of materials, the most important configurations of a dump truck is how much can you carry and transport. The size of the trailer bin is important as that will determine the quantity of your content, but the weight total weight (GWVR) is the most crucial as it will determine your payload capacity.

Single axle dump trucks typically feature a pickup cab and a hydraulic dump bed in the rear and can carry up to 7.5 tons. Smaller single axle dump trucks are available which are more suited for a more urban environment which can carry up to 1 ton. These smaller versions typically feature a pickup truck cab with a customized dump bed in the rear.

If you need to transport heavy materials, having a dump truck as part of your fleet is necessary. However, purchasing the best-used dump trucks for sale can be challenging if you don't know what to look for or consider.

Since having a quality, properly working, safe dump truck on your worksite is a must for many jobs, finding the right vehicle and ensuring it meets your needs is necessary. As you search for a quality dump truck that meets the needs of your business, be sure to consider the factors here to ensure you get a vehicle that will last.

Before buying a used dump truck, you need to consider how large your hauls typically are and how much they weigh (on average). If you purchase a dump truck that's too small, it may reduce productivity and make your workers and worksite inefficient. You'll also have to take more trips to move materials.

If you know the amount of material you need to haul, you can buy a dump truck that's the right size to transport loads quickly and efficiently. This will also help ensure your operations continue to run at peak levels of efficiency.

When looking at the dump truck's body, which consists of the dump box, you will find it is typically made of either steel or aluminum. While this may seem unimportant, choosing the right material can help you save money over time.

Purchasing a truck with a larger capacity means a larger payload can be moved, resulting in huge savings for your business. It means you have fewer trips to deliver the same amount of material, more on-time deliveries, and the possibility of fewer hours worked (for employees and the truck) each week. Also, when the body is lighter, it means reduced fuel costs.

Before you purchase a used dump truck, you should inspect the condition of the axles and frame rails. One of the most important things to look for is signs of corrosion. If you see signs of corrosion or wear, it may impact the truck's effectiveness.

Something that may not be as obvious to look for when inspecting the truck is bent rails. Bends in either direction need to be considered carefully. If there is a sagging type of bend, it could mean the truck was overloaded in the past. An upward, bowing bend may mean the truck was driven while the box was loaded and in an upright position, which is equally problematic.

For dump trucks, a manual transmission is the most popular option. That's because of the superior performance and available gear options. It is easier to match the engine speed to the task at hand with more gear choices.

An example is in a low gear; the truck is easier to maneuver on soft sand or mud. With a multi-speed reverse, you have something ideal for backing up over long distances. Manual transmissions are also smart options when operating over steep terrain.

Automatic transmissions are more expensive than trucks with manual ones; however, they are beneficial because you don't have to worry about shifting gears. For new or inexperienced drivers, this is a smart option. You don't have to worry about gears or shifting, which reduces driver fatigue.

Will your work crews need to take additional supplies to job sites? Do operators require these to be stored while being used? If so, you need a dump truck with one or more toolboxes. There's no need to keep tools in the cab or box if you have onboard toolboxes.

If you aren't sure that a used dump truck offers much value, it may be best to move on to another make, model, and option. You want to purchase a machine that will provide a good ROI for your business.

If you want to buy the best-used dump truck for sale, it's important to know what to look for and consider. Investing in a full inspection can help ensure you get equipment that will continue running and operating efficiently for many years to come.

It's also advisable to use the tips above, as they provide insight into what to look for when choosing a used dump truck. Finding the right machine will pay off and help ensure you get the equipment needed to power your operations now and in the foreseeable future, regardless of how or where the dump truck will be used.

Need to haul aggregate, asphalt or demolition material? Find the right used dump truck for the job at Ritchie Bros. unreserved auctions. We always have a large selection of single axle dump trucks, tandem axle dump trucks and tri axle dump trucks in our inventory to help you get the job done.

Begin your inspection walking slowly around the dump truck. Look for any cracks, rust, dents or major repairs on the truck body. Check the dump box and box liner for any signs of damage. When inspecting the dump box, note if the box is made of aluminum or steel. An aluminum box is more lightweight than a steel box and can help you reduce fuel costs over the long run. Stronger and more durable than aluminum, a steel dump box is the better choice if you will be hauling rubble or over-sized, rough heavy material. As you continue your inspection of the body and dump box, stop and take a look at the tires, noting any uneven tread wear around the entire tire circumference, a sign of a possible alignment issue.

Next take a closer look at the truck frame rails, noting any sagging or bowing bends. A sagging bend could be a result of overloading, while an upward, bowing bend could be a result of an operator driving the truck with a loaded and upright box. As you inspect the frame rails, note any corrosion or other signs of wear. Also make note of the presence of any push axles (lift axles in front of the driving tandem) or tag axles (lift axles behind the driving tandem). Lift axles spread the weight across the multiple axles, which allows the dump truck to meet various state regulations. Steerable lift axles also help the operator navigate turns more easily, which can also be achieved with a short truck wheel base.

Whether the dump truck you are interested in comes with a single ram, double ram or scissor dump box lifting mechanism, step out of the cab and thoroughly inspect the lifting cylinder(s) and rod(s) for any cracks, leaks, or dents. Check the pump and reservoir tank for any signs of leaking fluid. Step back into the cab and lower the dump box, again checking for smooth operation.

Dump trucks are well known to any large-scale project due to their transportation and unloading capabilities for loose materials such as sand, dirt, or larger debris. Most construction projects involve some type of excavation or demolition, and dump trucks are tried and true method when it comes to removal of said debris. Excavation and removal of debris are common to other industries such as mining, forestry and even urban landscaping which makes dump trucks a versatile piece of equipment.

Ritchie List offers an excellent variety of dump trucks for sale by owners near you. Our verified sellers depend on quality machinery to get the job done right, so you'll be confident when browsing for your next used dump truck.

Articulated dump trucks have a hinge in the middle, allowing the front and back halves to move independently. This allows for better maneuverability on rough terrain, thus a very common piece of equipment for mining, oil & gas applications or in remote areas where traction is important.

Transfer dump trucks are designed for long hauls and has a larger capacity than a standard dump truck. It has a separate trailer known as a pup trailer, that can be attached to the main dump bed and unloaded separately.

This type of dump truck has a bed that tilts to the side to dump materials, rather than lifting them up. This is useful for hauling materials that are difficult to lift, such as sand or gravel. Depending on the type of industry you'll be hauling materials for, a side trailer might be something to consider.

It's important to carefully consider your needs and budget when choosing a dump truck. At Ritchie List, our wide inventory of used dump trucks comes from owners who need hard working equipment that they can depend on.

As the name suggest single axle dump trucks feature a single axle in the rear and have the lowest weight capacity. These are usually based off of pickup trucks cabs with a dump trailer in the rear. Single axle dump trucks are often used in urban areas for landscapers to haul tools, smaller equipment, and soil.

Tandem axle dump trucks feature two axles in the rear which provide increased payload capacity and overall stability over single axle dump trucks. Most models will have a payload capacity of 16-25 tons.

Tri-axle and quad-axle dump trucks have three or four sets of wheels, respectively, and are typically used for larger hauling tasks. They have the highest weight capacity of all the dump truck configurations and are the most stable when hauling very heavy loads.

Dump trucks can be expensive and running the business can be even more so. Aside from the daily operating expenses, maintenance costs can be steep, especially if you are purchasing second-hand dump trucks. 041b061a72


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