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Download SmartAdmin Responsive WebApp Rar: A Complete Guide

If you are looking for a powerful, versatile, and user-friendly admin template for your web application project, you might want to consider downloading SmartAdmin Responsive WebApp Rar. In this article, we will explain what SmartAdmin Responsive WebApp is, why you should download it, and how to install and use it. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about SmartAdmin Responsive WebApp Rar.

Download Smartadmin Responsive Webapp Rar


What is SmartAdmin Responsive WebApp?

SmartAdmin Responsive WebApp is an advanced UI Bootstrap 4 Admin and Dashboard template that is built for the next generation. It has an exceptional design that contains a vast collection of assorted reusable UI components integrated with the latest jQuery plugins optimized to suit every modern web application project worldwide.

Features and benefits of SmartAdmin Responsive WebApp

Some of the features and benefits of SmartAdmin Responsive WebApp are:

  • It comes with the latest Bootstrap 4.x UI Toolkit and all its improved features.

  • It has a futuristic design and UI concept that is appealing and engaging.

  • It offers over 35 layout variations and 285 layout combinations that you can mix and match to create endless possibilities.

  • It allows you to change a few variables to generate your unique skin, as well as switch between light and dark modes that sit on top of your skin layer.

  • It uses state-of-the-art CSS technology to create conceptual visual effects.

  • It has a comprehensive documentation, well descriptive codes, and email support included.

  • It has modified all bootstrap components using the 'non-destructive' method, so you can change every aspect of the theme using variables.

  • It has unique custom components that work flawlessly with bootstrap's core components.

  • It uses REM values for all fonts and components, which give you better control over your app's responsive behavior.

  • It comes with over 2500+ premium icons, including FontAwesome Pro 5, which is a $35 value included with your purchase.

  • It has a built-in unique icon generator that lets you create your own stack icons.

  • It has a table generator that provides you with an option to generate your unique table style.

  • It has detachable plugins that are separated based on importance and are not hard-coded to its core.

Versions and flavors of SmartAdmin Responsive WebApp

SmartAdmin Responsive WebApp comes with four different versions: Pure HTML, AJAX Version, PHP, and AngularJS version. Each version has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on your preferences and needs. You can choose the version that suits your project best.

SmartAdmin Responsive WebApp also comes with various flavors, such as Laravel, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, ASP.NET Core MVC, Node.js, Vue.js, etc. These flavors are extensions of the original HTML version that contain all the great packages and plugins of the template with added ingredients of the respective frameworks or technologies. These flavors can help you speed up your development process and integrate seamlessly with your existing codebase.

Why download SmartAdmin Responsive WebApp Rar?

If you are wondering why you should download SmartAdmin Responsive WebApp Rar instead of other formats or sources, here are some reasons: