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TPM 1.2 for Windows 7: What It Is, Why You Need It, and How to Use It

At the time of this writing, the following versions of Windows are known to have TPM 1.2:

tpm 1.2 download windows 7

  • Windows 10 1507

  • Windows 10 1503

  • Windows 10 1505

  • Windows 10 1506

  • Windows 10 1508

  • Windows 10 1509

  • Windows 10 1511

  • Windows 10 1512

You can check to see if your system has TPM 1.2 installed by using the following command. This includes your system's BIOS, UEFI and Windows information. If you have a fast enough system, it can take a moment to run. If you don't have TPM 1.2 installed, it will return that information.

If you're still using Windows 8 and you want to make sure that TPM 1.2 is working, right-click the Start icon and select Settings. In the navigation bar, click the System icon and select the About tab. This should show the TPM version. In TPM 1.2 the system will only sign assemblies that the TPM can trust in order to ensure the correct user rights. This was expected to be the case with Windows 10.

If you're still on Windows 8, and this doesn't work, you need to install and enable TPM 1.2 in the UEFI BIOS settings. On newer systems, you just need to make sure that the TPM switch is enabled in the UEFI boot options. If you're not sure where you'd find that option, check the UEFI BIOS settings.

After you're done installing Windows, you'll need to restart the system. After restarting, you can check the TPM version by using these commands. You'll want to verify that you have TPM 1.2 installed, and that it is enabled. However, before you do that, you may want to be sure that your system is clean.


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