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India have won the toss and will bat first. The England captain Graeme Swann says he would have batted as well, and you would expect the pitch to turn increasingly as the match progresses. England have two chances in this match, and Slim really needed to bat first. An England victory would be gloriously illogical.

An email from Mike Selvey at Eden Gardens "I can tell you that Samit parked himself down next to me at lunch (half a chicken wrap, no salad for him, I promise you) and told me he was batting at four. We shall see but personally I think he has played the spin as well as anyone. Anyway he says he is not going to die wondering today. No surprise that KP makes the cut. This is the equivalent of Asprey's shop window for him and he wasn't going to miss it." He's had a decent tour, hasn't he? I feel a bit sorry for him having to come in at No7 all the time. It's no place for an orthodox batsman, but he has done okay there. In fact he has only twice come in higher than No7, and one of those was when he belted 70 not out last week.

WICKET! England 106-4 (Pietersen LBW b Raina 53) Pietersen gets a shocking decision from the umpire. He missed a switch hit at Raina, bowling around the wicket, and was given out LBW. The ball pitched miles outside leg stump. Ah well, it happens. Pietersen played a brilliant and probably matchwinning innings of 53 from 39 balls.

If it weren't for Cheika, though, it is unlikely that Ireland's greatest player would have hung around to see what impact the new coach would have on the club -- after seeing three coaches depart in as many years, O'Driscoll's impatience was at its zenith. 041b061a72


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